Zing Quotient believes in assisting small and medium training organisations to establish high quality training systems so that they can be effective in training their trainers in conducting quality course and deliver high quality training and educational programmes. With her success in assisting several training organisations in Singapore, Zing Quotient aims to develop an ecosystem to support and assist 5000 training organisations in Asia by 2020 with its accreditation system focusing on effective human competencies development in the workforce and formative development in the academic fields.

Zing Quotient is in the process of developing her consultancy services into a scalable methodology through technology to achieve its goals, and inviting interested investors and partners to build an ecosystem to raise the standard of training and education from these small training organisations.

Zing Quotient also believes in supporting human lifespan development as part of her mission to help individuals and families to achieve worklife balance and personal success. ZQ is in the process in developing a revolutionary way to build a good life starting from dating till a couple successfully set up their very own family. ZQ is partnering with technology partners and projected 500 partners and service providers to enable dating to be meaningful with lasting relationships that can be supported with online family support.