Zing Quotient was founded in 2011 with a vision to be a top Asia training consultancy in supporting organisations, communities, families, individuals to achieve work-life balance and successes. Through understanding and learning the ZQ Human Lifespan developmental and learning model, which consists of 12 domains for human development, organisations and individuals can achieve success and fulfilment in work and life. Through our consultation, training, coaching and/or counselling programmes from various experts, areas of development will be identified, enhanced, balanced and eventually to achieve improvement among these 12 domains.

ZQ as an SSG Approved Training Organisation (ATO), is also providing consultancy and management services to medium and large size companies to achieve high standard as a training organisation. Since 2014, ZQ has already successfully assisted more than 20 training organisations to attain WSQ ATO status. Asia companies are welcome to approach us for consultation and management services to setup, enhance or revamp their training organisational structure and system to bring their business to the next level by having a robust training system and programme for the betterment of their management and workforce.

Last but not least, ZQ is also actively assisting corporates in improving productivity, building their training programmes, curriculum, and digital media contents to raise their training standards and content quality with the following services:

  • develop training curriculum and courseware
  • build customised training workshops
  • produce localised multimedia and digital contents for online learning
  • provide coaching and counselling programmes

Founder Roland Ang

Roland’s passion is in developing inquiry skills and understanding of human energy balance with clients to problem solve effectively to achieve success.

From his career as a successful educator and manager, Roland had started this passion by understanding the development of human emotional capacity and intra & interpersonal skills. In applying scientific inquiry in social science and behaviours, Roland was able to provide support to help professionals, parents and students to self-manage and cope with life challenges.

On the other hand, he also finds the importance of expressing passion through creative arts. His own two music concert productions during his university engineering training had left a great impact on his own personal development especially in the human capacity to self-learn and envision. Presently, media & theatre productions have become a methodology to express his ideas and to educate.

Roland had his greatest endorsement when he was awarded the National Day Honors 2007 Commendation medal for his contribution to Education by the Ministry of Education. This has encouraged him to further his vision in helping others to achieve work-life balance and to best serve themselves, their families and their organisations.

Roland continues in his passion by moving on from management and programme development to counselling & coaching for the 21st Century Competencies. Being certified as Human Behavioural Analyst, he is able to work with clients in enhancing their communication, relational and motivational skills. And as a certified Reality Therapist, he empowers others to use Choice Theory as an art of motivation; to use LEAD management coaching tool for enhancing leadership competency; and to use ZQ developmental model for personal, career and business success.

Roland has attained his Master of Arts in Counselling & Guidance and aims through his organisations, to help others to attain personal fulfillment and success in performance, relationships, career and business to achieve work-life and human energy balance.

Being ACTA Certified and DACE trained, he aims to empower adults in their career development, career transitions or life transitions to achieve work life balance and success in realising their life goals.

Co-founder Stephanie Tan

Principal Consultant in ATO Consultancy and WSQ Courseware development

Stephanie is a DACE certified course developer and WSQ ATO consultant. She has served multiple clients across different sectors and frameworks ranging from Business Management, Creative Industries, Tourism and Generic Manufacturing Skills.

She leads a team of highly skilled professionals, ranging from ACTA certified trainers & assessors, DACE certified course developer and WSQ ATO consultants, providing consultancy and management services to companies to achieve their WSQ ATO status. The team has more than eight years of experience in facilitating and managing the process of achieving ATO and what it does best is to work with our clients to develop the systems, processes and documentation according to SSG’s requirement.

Types of services
We help organisation through the process of becoming an ATO… from organisational approval application, course accreditation application, developing systems and capabilities to support fulfilment of the roles and responsibilities of an ATO, to continuous improvement review audits, and ongoing management.