Zing Quotient


A Skill Future Singapore (SSG) Approved Training Organisation

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Families &


to collaborate with strategies and systems

to optimise personal potentials,

attain work-life harmony &

achieve business successes

Worklife Balance Consultancy

Zing Quotient focuses in helping organisations, communities, families, individuals to achieve work-life balance and successes. Through understanding the ZQ Human Lifespan 12 domains developmental and learning model, organisations and individuals can achieve success and fulfilment in work and life. Through our consultation, training, coaching and/or counselling programmes from various experts, areas of development and human potentials will be identified, enhanced, balanced and eventually to achieve improvement among these 12 domains.

Training Organisation Consultancy

ZQ itself as a SkillsFuture Singapore Approved Training Organisation (ATO), is also providing consultancy and management services to medium and large size companies to achieve high standard as a training organisation. Since 2014, ZQ has already successfully assisted more than 20 training organisations in attaining WSQ ATO status. Asia companies are welcome to approach us for consultation and management services to setup, enhance or revamp their training organisational structure and system to bring their business to the next level by having a robust training system and programme for the betterment of their management and workforce.

Improve Training Standards

ZQ is actively assisting corporates in improving productivity through building effective training system to raise their training standards and content quality with the following services:

  • develop training curriculum and courseware
  • build customised training workshops
  • produce localised multimedia and digital contents for online learning
  • provide coaching and counselling programmes

Curriculum Development and Interactive Media Production

ZQ has a full team with capability right from the beginning of curriculum development to the end of digital media production. Our services range from courseware and training plans development, interactive media production, augmented reality,  infomercials, instructional videos; and virtual tours. The main objective of this production is to produce learning digital content for educational and learning management system content building.

Besides commercial media, we also work with social organisations and schools to produce shortfilms or documentaries for education or building public awareness.